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Lots of random icons, including simple colour variations (I was experimenting). Please credit samuti or ravencaw if you're taking any, and comments are always welcome. ♥

[2] Big Love
[6] Models
[2] Football (soccer)
[2] Flowers (stock)
[1] High Fidelity
[1] Miss Piggy
[1] U2 (Bono Vox)
[1] Wallace & Gromit (Evil Penguin)
[12] Harry Potter
[11] Science of Sleep
[1] Amelie
[1] Random (English)


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Hawkmoon 76 iconses.

With the permission of the fabulous writing pair, here are four random icons using quotes from Hawkmoon Ch 76.

(There were six originally, but two sucked badly, so they didn't make the cut.)

Hawkmoon 76

1. Image hosting by Photobucket 2. Image hosting by Photobucket

3. Image hosting by Photobucket 4. Image hosting by Photobucket

Please comment, and credit ravencaw, melissau2 & occula. You MUST credit all of us, or at the very least the two writers.

More icons on Monday. :)
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First post!

Only six icons, but I'm immensely proud of them given that they're my first-ever icons :) Including an animated icon (which was a bitch to get under 40k, btw). Enjoy :)

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Please comment, and credit ravencaw or samuti if you take any. Also, if they suck (woe) or if you have any requests, please let me know! :)