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Image hosting by Photobucket

1. How should I credit you?

Click here for a guide to crediting icons on LJ.

For mood themes, headers or friends-only banners: either in your user info, layout, or friends only post, simply put “Mood theme/Header/Friends Only banner by ravencaw.

2. Whom do I credit?

I don’t mind whether you credit ravencaw or my personal journal, samuti - whichever you prefer is great as long as you do credit properly.

3. What programs do you use to make your graphics?

Photoshop 7.0 with a side of ImageReady.

4. What kind of fonts and brushes do you use?

Check out my Resources post.

5. Which fonts do you use?

They’re all listed in my Font Guide, here. Most are free downloads from and

6. Do you take suggestions?

Sure. Just leave a comment on any post with a quick outline of what you’d like, and I’ll get back to you.

7. Can I edit your icons?
No; sorry. I put a lot of effort into my graphics, so they should be used only in their original form. However, you can resize banners and headers to your liking.

8. May I repost your icons elsewhere?

No is the quick answer. Even worse is hotlinking (click here for a guide to what it is and why it is ev0l). Please let me know if you come across my graphics being hotlinked or not credited. Hotlinkers, the link to the image you stole will promptly be replaced by a nastier graphic, so be warned.

If you do want to show off my icons or something, and I’ll be thrilled if you do, please comment and let me know before you do so, and of course upload the pics to your own host.

9. Where can I host banners and headers that you’ve made?

Photobucket is a great free service that will host images for you. For details on how to make the pic show up in your LJ, check the LiveJournal FAQ.

10. Who made your layout?

The S1 overrides were coded by faceon - hop over to her journal for more funky prettiness for free accounts. I only tweaked the colours and the font/table sizes.

11. Why can’t I post in this community?

Because only I have posting access. You can still join and have the community on your friends list, and you’ll be able to comment and see all my updates.

12. Where can I find your past graphics?

All icons and graphics are archived and can be found in ravencaw’s memories.
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